COPPERkiT Suspension

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A-Kit Suspension $1,999

B-Kit Suspension $899 (w/o DLC Coatings)

Our COPPERkiT is the best priced true factory level suspension upgrade on the market.

Coppersmith Suspension Copper Kit

  • Factory external & internal coatings
  • Custom tuning specific to customer
  • Smooth action initial stroke with fantastic bottoming resistance
  • Proper springs for rider weight / height is included
  • Available for all current KTM & Husqvarna models oem WP suspension: AER, Xplore, 4CS, Nitrogen, and Open Chamber forks. Along with both linkage and non-link shock absorbers. Also available for all Ohlins suspension components.
  • Lowering services are available for both a-kit & b-kit’s at no additional change, but must be requested before work is preformed

Anodized Hard Copper Coating

(Upper Fork Tubes)

Coppersmith uses a top quality aluminum anodizing process that not only looks trick, but it creates a higher tolerance for your upper fork tubes which adds life, and creates a tighter seal.

DLC Coatings (Lower Fork Tubes – Shock Shaft)

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) is a class of amorphous carbon material that displays some of the typical properties of diamond. The combined hardness, lubricity and flexibility result in phenomenal wear resistance and other characteristics, which can be applied thoroughly and evenly to both the most intricate and the most massive parts for dramatically extended lifetime.

*Prices based on parts in new/like new condition, this condition is necessary for proper coating application. New tubes and shafts are available if needed, call for pricing.

*Free installation for any of these options with any of our services to the components.

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